Friday, May 27, 2011


If I may, a brief introduction on the purpose of this blog.

I dig music. Even moreso, I dig discovering music I haven't heard, new and old. And I really like introducing my friends and acquaintances to music that they haven't heard.

That's basically all this is about. Each week I'll post a new song with a brief bit of writing about why I like it, and why I'd like you to like it too. Knowing me, the focus will probably tip towards punk rock, hardcore, and the heavier side of the musical spectrum, but I'll try to throw in a little something for everybody. Hopefully you, the reader, will find something good you haven't heard, and maybe investigate further. And hey, as I share, so should you. Comments are actively encouraged. Let's all help each other refine our palates a little.

Sounds good?

-Michael James Roberson

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