Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Updates from Summerville, Wsh Yu Wre Hre.

Once again, sorry for the long break between updates. What music related stuff has happened between then and now?

- I saw Bomb The Music Industry! at the Middle East Upstairs. It was the most packed I've ever seen that room, the sweatiest I've ever been, and my first time seeing them since the night I moved to Boston (about five years ago now). They ruled. Opening band Cheap Girls, who I'd never heard before, also ruled. They sounded kinda like a more pop-punky Dinosaur Jr. Which, y'know, if that sounds like something you'd enjoy (some people I know definitely shuddered involuntarily at that description), give 'em a listen. BTMI! also released their new album, "Vacation!", yesterday, and it's immediately hopped to a spot near the front of my 'best of 2011' list just behind the new Cave In record. It's free, but donate them some money, they're one of the best punk bands around right now.

- Before the show me and my friends drank all of the PBR in new Central Square Cambodian joint, The Floating Rock. Literally. They had to go buy more specifically for us. We should get our PBR badge for that, I think. The owner, Jenny, was a very good sport about it, and didn't seem to mind the scuzzy punk rock kids loudening up her classy-ish restaurant.

- I saw local bands Dirty Dishes and Viva Viva play a show at this weird Vitamin Water sponsored venue near Fenway. I had seen Dirty Dishes a while back opening for Mike Watt at T.T. the Bear's, and they blew my fucking mind, instantly becoming one of my favorite new local acts. They're sorta shoegazy, very loud, atmospheric, but with a great grasp of pop songcraft. Got a lot of math in their style too, which I always dig, being a nerd and all. They weren't quite as good this time; the venue was weird and the sound mix was also weird, although I dig any place that'll throw a free show with free earplugs, free vitamin water, and cheap beer (and there was foosball!). Dirty Dishes put together a great set, though. They're playing at Great Scott this Sunday, and although I'm not sure I'll be able to make it, you should go anyway. Their first EP is a real barnburner (pay the $5, cheapskate, it's worth it), and the new material they've been playing sounds even better. Viva Viva failed to really make an impression on me.

- All Pigs Must Die released the first track off their new album God Is War, which has the most metal cover art I've ever seen.

The song is great too, already sounding even better than their already impressive first EP (and come on, "Pulverization"? that's a killer title no matter how you slice it). These guys rule hard. God is War is coming out on Southern Lord soon with all sorts of package options. The one with their first EP and a t-shirt looks boss. I am such a consumer.

Anyway, I'll have a new post up soon. I just bought a random split 7" I wanna talk to you about.
- Bomb The Music Industry! @ Tumblr - Cheap Girls @ Tumblr - Dirty Dishes @ Bandcamp - Viva Viva official website - All Pigs Must Die @ Shirtsanddestroy

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